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No matter how careful you can be, if you’re a gardening contractor or a painter, you need your General Liability insurance. Nature can be unexpected, and a natural disaster could happen to anyone, even more accidents we are not expecting.


Damage to another’s property can also mean a lawsuit, protect yourself from being sued for defamation.


Being sued is a dangerous risk. If it turns out you’re responsible, you’ll have to pay damages and the reputation of your work may be ruin even if the charges are incorrect and the claim is unfounded. The cost of experienced lawyers, documentation, stress and lost time are very big problems!


What does General Liability’s insurance cover?

Who is covered by the General Liability Insurance?

1.     Business and its employees: Mostly business owners and employers when claims are against them.

2.     Wholesaler or Manufacturer: As a small business owner or painter you should know that even if you are just selling the product you buy from a manufacturer, you are always first line of defense even though your product is from a wholesaler.

3.     Vendors: If you work with vendors as a sales person, probably you have a written agreement to indemnify a person/organization. Under this type of policy, these people and organizations are protected against liability claims as a result of selling your products.

BeeInsured* helps you to be protected with the best General Liability Insurance in all California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Texas and more! We are the Insurance agency that will find the best coverage and rates for you, your employees and business. We are experts with over 10 years of experience in the market. BeeInsured* experts will gladly help you with all your insurance needs!

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    In BeeInsured*, the General Liability policy in addition to covering you for injury to a customer or damage to your property, will cover and protect you from personal injury. If you’re sued and you aren’t responsible or the claim is unfounded, you can easily resolve your claim with the insurance company.


    Nearly every small business should consider purchasing General Liability insurance, which offers protection from claims of third-party damages or injury. Generally, a third party is anyone who is not an employee of your business, like a customer, vendor or partner. If you deal with anyone that falls into this category your best bet to mitigate risk is with the proper insurance.


    Claims covered under general liability insurance include third party personal injury, copyright and property damage. If your business happens to be sued under and of these, your General Liability insurance will cover legal fees, as well as the cost of damages and settlements.

    If your cargo travels in several modes of transport, such as a truck to another oceanic port abroad, then on the railroad and on the truck to its final destination, you can use the main mode of transport that’s the oceanic ship: other kind are considered as connection. The other types of transportation are automatically included in the normal course of transit, considering that your Cargo and Physical Damage insurance has been properly structured.

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