No General Liability Insurance?
This is what can go wrong

Accidents at work can be fatal

General Liability is recommended by law in most states of the U.S. because every company has the responsibility to cover the costs of damages or injuries to third parties if an accident occur.

For example: if your business is going through repairs and one of your clients is injured, General Liability will cover the medical expenses, a possible claim and the damage caused to the property!

General Liability helps you as a business owner to not risk your business to a considerable economic loss from:

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    General Liability in California

     The state of California highly recommends General Liability Insurance for business owners. If you’re one of them, you should know that General Liability’s coverage is designed to protect you from direct or indirect damage. General Liability will protect you from liability risks imposed by lawsuits and claims.


    No matter how small the needs of your business are, without General Liability coverage you can jeopardize the success and reputation of your business. General Liability will protect you against property damage, claims for negative publicity, claims for personal and body injury. 

    What type of General Liability should I get?

    The type of General Liability policy is determined by several factors, including the type of business you have, location, number of employees, as well as the level of risk to which your business is exposed.

    General Liability does NOT cover:

    • Professional mistakes
    • Injured employees
    • Damage to your business property
    • Claims for employee discrimination

    The General Liability policy limit is mostly paid by the insurer, this includes damages for bodily injury, property damage, negative advertising, besides from the number of finished products. The risk of operations of completed products is defined in the policy and may apply a limit.

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