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Keeping a car in prime condition and taking care of its wear and tear is the purpose of auto insurance. However, there are limits to what commercial auto insurance covers. Engine failure is one of these limits. The circumstances of the damage to your engine will determine whether or not your insurance will pay to repair it. In most cases, your insurance will cover the costs of minor damage to your engine if it is as a result of an accident. However, if the damage is too severe, or if you caused the accident, you might not be covered. There are two types of auto insurance. The first is basic liability insurance and it only covers damage to another driver’s vehicle after an accident you cause. It does not cover damages incurred by your own vehicle and it won’t cover the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged engine. Comprehensive coverage is the second auto insurance and it will pay to repair the costs of your engine only if the damage is the result of vandalism, flooding or other outside forces. Collision coverage covers damage to your own vehicle after an accident. Engine failure is usually a manufacturing issue (can be covered by warranty) or wear and tear (if the vehicle is really old).

Neither of these is covered by your standardcommercial auto insurance policy. Commercial auto insurance focuses on coverage for damages and liabilities that arise from accidents while driving the vehicle or theft and vandalism while not driving the vehicle. If you mistreat your vehicle and cause damage to the engine that could have otherwise been prevented, you will not be covered from your insurance policy. This includes:

  • The engine breaking from driving with no oil
  • The time-belt snapping causing damages to the engine
  • Mechanical parts of the engine failing
  • Wear and tear on the engine

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