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    What is the difference between Excess & Umbrella?

    Excess Liability Insurance, provides coverage that exceeds the limits of an underlying liability policy or policies.

    On the other hand, Umbrella Insurance is a type of excess insurance and functions in almost the same way, with a few notable exceptions. Not only offers higher liability limits, but also broadens coverage for things that your underlying policy might not cover.

    Excess & Umbrella will cover for you:


    It’s more important to stay within the rules of whichever you choose for additional coverage to make sure you’re actually protected. At BeeInsured, we will guide you, learn more! Call us today.

    The difference between these umbrella and excess coverage forms is that the umbrella can be used to cover some losses for which there is no insurance. The excess form then only covers losses that are covered by the other insurance policies that exist as primary insurance. Source.


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