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    What is General Liability?

    Every Company or Business is responsible for harm or injury to third parties. For example, if there is any construction work being done in your premises and one of your customers suffers an injury, the General Liability insurance will cover any medical bills. It will also cover a future legal claim as well as any damage caused to any property rented for your business. General Liability can be acquired by an employee or the employer.

    Your General Liability insurance will cover:


    Commercial General Liability insurance helps pay for medical expenses and legal costs if an incident at your business leads to a lawsuit.

    How does General Liability Insurance work?

    Here are just a few examples of situations in which your business could be responsible for paying various costs, such as medical and legal expenses, as well as compensatory and punitive damages:

    • While visiting your business, a customer trips on loose flooring and is injured.
    • An employee in your painting or construction business accidentally leaves water running, causing substantial damage to a customer’s home.
    • A class action lawsuit is filed against your business, alleging advertisements constituted misleading information.

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